Spending my days focused on hydration and water has taught me a lot. Probably most surprisingly I’ve learned about the extent of mild dehydration in our world. Because I feel like good water is a human right, I am always surprised when people who have access to good water don’t take advantage of it. 

I’ve learned that thirst is often mistaken for hunger. If you are living your days feeling hungry, sluggish, and without focus – there is a good chance that incorporating a hydration routine into your daily life could make a difference.  My formula for vitality – which is part of any good hydration routine is called FAV.

Filter + Antioxidants/minerals = Vitality

It’s a simple way to improve your day to day existence. And as we move into warmer weather – it’s almost a necessity.

If you’d like to know more about my FAV formulaRed Joe, or how to create your own hydration routine; get in touch.