Though Rooibos is enjoyed as a tea around the world, many people don’t realize that it is actually a legume found in the Western Cape province of South Africa. For more information, history and facts on research currently being conducted on Rooibos, go to  and also learn about the findings of natural medicine expert Marc Micozzi, MD, PhD, at

  • 100% Natural

  • No Sugar or Calories

  • Healthy Electrolytes

  • Provides Unique and Powerful Antioxidants

  • Can Help Promote Healthy Skin

  • Rich in Natural Plant Minerals

  • Great Thirst Quencher

  • No Negative Side Effects Ever Reported

  • May relieve many common ailments, including insomnia, nervous tension, mild depression, digestive distress, and allergy symptoms

  • Can help hydrate hangovers away

Red Joe is a water soluble, concentrated powder made 100% from the fermented Red Bush known as Rooibos. Red Joe is the perfect replacement for all the sports and energy drinks which are laden with caffeine, calories, chemicals, fats, sugars and oils. Red Joe supports hydration at the cellular level, along with many other health benefits. Unlike coffee, caffeine-containing soft drinks and many teas, Red Joe is not a diuretic.  Instead of robbing our bodies of hydration, Red Joe has key electrolytes and rehydrates the body throughout the day.

Simply dissolve in water, juice or your favorite healthy beverage.  Enjoy Red Joe hot or cold, with or without honey and/or lemon.  Drink normal quantities throughout the day to stay refreshed and hydrated.

You can also replace liquids in recipes with Red Joe.  Rooibos doesn’t deteriorate in taste or appearance when heated or refrigerated.

Try these ideas:

  • Just add one package to 16-24 ounces of water and shake.

  • Add  almond milk and honey as a sweetener for a delicious hot beverage instead of coffee or tea.

  • Mix into smoothies for an antioxidant boost!

Mild dehydration can cause symptoms such as thirst, headache, weakness, dizziness and fatigue and generally makes people feel tired and lethargic. Symptoms of moderate dehydration may include dry mouth, little or no urine, sluggishness, a rapid heartbeat and lack of skin elasticity. Severe dehydration is a life-threatening medical emergency, and is characterized by extreme thirst, no urine, rapid breathing, altered mental state and cold, clammy skin.

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