Why become a distributor?

Our distributors are an essential connection between our end customers and Joe. As an approved distributor of Red Joe you’ll usually receive direct training from me and my team on our product(s) and educational programs, and have contractual authorization to sell Red Joe in a few different ways — sometimes with sole rights to sell Red Joe in a geographic territory.

  1. Own a Red Joe Stand. Think Lemonade Stand with all the cellular hydration value offered by Red Joe.  You can create your own recipes, and sell your products at an agreed upon price. We provide you with our product at wholesale prices, training, and in some cases the stand and a Berkey water filter so we can ensure you are using good water as the basis for all your products. Minimal agreement is $700 to get started with product. You have the flexibility to add on a stand, and marketing materials – depending on your budget.
  2. Sell to stores and other outlets. You act as the key link in any geographic region between our company and health and wellness outlets. We are growing in natural food stores, gyms, clubs, and wellness centers. We are happy to speak with folks who distribute other health and wellness products. Again minimum wholesale order is $700. We know from experience that you will need to demo the product at your stores. So – we highly recommend the $1200 option which includes a demo stand and marketing pieces.
  3. B2C sales. If you are currently selling direct to consumers through home parties, online stores, or an awesome digital strategy – we should talk. Our product fits easily into other selling models through our wholesale distribution.

We are actively recruiting college students who want to start a hydration revolution on their campus. It’s an easy way to make extra money.

To start the distributor/wholesale conversation, please complete the form or call us direct at (941) 632-8811.

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