While the film, The Shape of Water, is about communication in its purest sense – how difficult communication can be and what gets in the way; it resonated with me in my mission of communicating people’s right to drink healthy water.

While you may not see a direct connection between my mission and the movie – I certainly did.

  1. The title. I am always talking to people about understanding the shape of their beverages. What shape are they in? Are they filled with unknown chemicals? Do they provide any health benefits? Very often I find this is low on the agenda with my audiences – much like overall healthy communication seems to be low on the agenda for most of us today. I felt a kinship with this movie.
  2. When you find your passion you act. Well this one is pretty obvious when it comes to Elisa’s passion or the water dwelling creature. For me my passion is education. Many people assume my passion is Red Joe. That’s really not accurate. Red Joe is part of my formula for vitality; but my true passion lies in educating people on just how important water is to their everyday wellbeing.
  3. Create the life you want. Elisa did this. I do this. Red Joe is a business that affords me freedoms to live the way I want to – outside of an office, away from a desk. I have the ocean in front of me on a daily basis. I get to offer this life to anyone who wants to become a distributor. And if that’s not of interest to them, I get to provide them with an incredible hydration supplement.
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of one person. I understand that when I educate one person on their right to “good” water; and what that really means that I create a ripple effect. Just like the shape of water touches each viewer differently – my message resonates with everyone differently. I don’t stop when someone doesn’t get it. And I don’t stop when someone becomes a huge fan. I just keep getting up every day with the goal to change one life for the better.

So while this title still resonates, let me ask you – what is the shape of your water? Is it healthy?  Do you know?  Do you drink enough of it? If you want to know more – get in touch.

Be Happy. Stay Hydrated.