Whether you are male or you have an important male in your life; June and National Men’s Health Month is the time we focus in on the specific importance of hydration in men.

According to many of our sources, “men require more water than women due to their higher (on average) fat-free mass and energy expenditure.”* Male athletes and the elderly need to pay extra attention to their hydration routines. This is because athletes can experience a range of symptoms from mild dehydration and in older males, the sensation of thirst may change. In fact, one resource shows us that “there were clearly more incidences of dehydration in men in this study than in women.”**

This is all important information, but our own company knowledge tell us that men tend to not hydrate throughout the day, instead drinking large amounts of water a few times per day or before and after physical events. The goal in any man’s hydration routine should be to drink small amounts of water all throughout the day, obviously including proper hydration before, during and after physical or high heat activities.

How can Red Joe help?

Red Joe works on providing the proper minerals and nutrients, regardless of the source of your water. We add in what filtration or low quality sourcing takes out. Better yet, getting into the habit of adding Red Joe can help you create a healthy hydration routine. Keeping packets of Red Joe at hand (on your desk, near your supplements, in your backpack) can help you to remember to grab a glass of water.

Still not convinced? Hear from our male clients.

“I add Red Joe to my water bottles when I start my day. Because I keep it with my supplements, I just consider it part of my fitness regime. I notice a difference when I forget. The packets make remembering easy.”

“Loved using this throughout my training for the Ironman Nice this year and on race day itself, definitely now part of my lifestyle!”

We hope you’ll give our packets a try this month and tell us if you notice a difference.

To learn more about Joe and his Red Joe mission – watch here.