For some people Red Joe is important for the sole reason that they do not enjoy drinking plain water. Because so many of us have become accustomed to drinks with flavor or sweetness, we often do NOT get enough to drink when we begin to eliminate those unhealthy beverages from our diet.

University Health Daily recently broke down the importance of hydration and recognizing the quality of the water drink as part of our hydration routine. We can all address quality by using a filter and creating our own hydration routine. At Red Joe we call this our FAV formula. FAV basically means Filter + Antioxidants/Nutrients = Vitality.  Have you created your FAV formula hydration routine yet?

Because hydration is such an easy step to incorporate in our wellness programs, most of us underestimate its value. Water really is an elixir. It keeps us young, happy, vibrant, and helps us to fight off diseases. We believe that adding just a little bit of Red Joe can boost that routine by providing taste and nutrients in an easy and affordable manner.

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