You may know that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. At Red Joe that means we focus 100% on spreading this message: maintaining hydration SHOULD BE the number one concern in your performance plans.

Let’s face it – all hydration routines are NOT created equal. While many people think that water is always the same; the truth is not quite that simple. The quality of water depends on the source. We like to say there are three aspects to water:

  1. Source Quality. Are the chemicals and contaminants that you need to filter out?
  2. Mineral and Anti-oxidant content. Does your water or hydration choice contain the right amounts of the right minerals?
  3. Buying water in bottles is never a good choice in our book. You can filter water and add it to your own glass or metal containers. Not only do you eliminate any potential harm from plastics, you also help the planet.

Did you know that just a small decrement in hydration status impaired physiologic function and performance while trail running in the heat? We know that when you make a conscious effort to be aware of the three aspects above and make good choices about them – your performance will improve on the trail, court, field, or in your office.

So check off box number one in your performance plan today.

Proper hydration WILL be a performance changer not just in your fitness routine or when you are engaged in a sport– but every day.