As we wrap up 2017, I have been focusing on Red Joe’s goals for 2018. Where do we want to take this organization? How can we make a difference? It’s crazy how simple the answer is. I want to help everyone understand how important a healthy hydration routine is. I believe it’s a basic human right that shouldn’t require expensive brands in plastic bottles.

I am always amazed when people tell me they don’t know how or when to hydrate. Having a routine means being dedicated for at least 30-90 days until it literally becomes habit. It means drinking water that really is good for your body (which a person can filter themselves) and has proper pH balance and doesn’t include anything bad.

We believe this is a human right. The trace minerals and anti-oxidants found in Red Joe help the body get rid of free radicals and promote healthy cell development. That is the real truth about healthy water.

Not only is Red Joe important to any hydration routine, our customers also tell us, it helps them to make it a routine. We don’t always think of grabbing a glass of filtered water as a routine; but there is something about adding Red Joe that makes it important.

So – for 2018, I am inviting individuals, small businesses and corporations to get in touch with me and have me create your hydration routines. I know you will see results in performance, energy, and wellbeing.

In the meantime, buy now through the end of the year and receive a bonus gift of 7 individual stick packs (starter kit) to keep or share with a friend.

Happy Holidays!